Prevent the Use of Tobacco
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Understanding the effect tobacco has on our youth is important in understand why we need to prevent it's access and availability.
of high school students currently use cigars or e-cigarettes
of current high school smokers tried to quit in 2017
of adult smokers had their first cigarette before the age of 21

All YOUth On Board

All YOUth on Board is a youth-led coalition within York County schools. These school-based coalitions are committed to fostering healthy and positive lifestyles for youth in York County, SC.

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Smoking an Epidemic on College Campuses?

  • 28.5% of college students are current smokers
  • Smoking prevlance is higher in freshmen, sophomores, and juniors than seniors and fifth-year students
  • Almost 40% of college-aged smokers either began smoking (11%) or became regular smokers (28%) after starting college.
  • Half of the current college smokers have tried unsuccessfully to quit in the preveious year.

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