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Every year, the tobacco industry spends billions encouraging people who smoke to continue and persuading nonsmokers, particularly youth, to start smoking. Tobacco companies use most of their marketing budget – nearly $1 million every hour 1 – at the point of sale (POS), making it the primary venue for tobacco product marketing.

What is a POS?

The POS refers to the approximately 375,000 retail outlets that sell tobacco products in the United States. The tobacco industry uses a variety of POS promotions to push their products in stores, including price discounts, strategic product placement, incentives for retailers to increase in-store marketing, as well as exterior and interior advertisements. Eager to counteract the effects of these practices, communities are considering strategies to regulate how and where tobacco products are marketed and sold.

Current Policy Initiatives

Download the pdf's below to learn more about the initiates currently underway from the Smoke Free SC.


Tobacco Retailer Landscape in York County, SC

Tobacco Retailer Reduction in York County, SC

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